Addison Journal Begins at HIMSS!

Published On:

April 20, 2022


Janice Hart

Dear Journal,

Recently, I got to travel, and it was so fun! After so many events have been canceled due to Covid19, it was nice to get out and about and see people interacting and laughing again. So, I thought since I will be keeping my highlight notes in this, my new Addison Journal, I’ll write about our trip! It was great!

HIMSS 2022 in Orlando, Florida

My team took me to the HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition, touted as the ‘healthcare event of the year”. They took me to introduce me to the healthcare industry. We traveled from southern New Mexico to Orlando, Florida, and the Orange County Convention Center.

First of all, after we had our booth set up in the exhibition hall and ready for visitors, we took a break to visit one of Orlando’s historic places. We visited the Church Street Station, which is on the National Registry. What a fantastic place, complete with an interactive walking ghost tour. No kidding!

Am I allowed to brag in my Addison Journal?

My team created an incredible display of all the Electronic Caregiver products, including our premier PERS system, our becoming-very-popular-very-quickly Pro Health System for remote patient monitoring, and me!

So, there were Electronic Caregiver systems that visitors could pick up and hold in hand. There were also kiosks where they could try out my skills, and if I do say so myself, I did not disappoint! (It’s OK to brag a little in my own Addison Journal, right?)

Who I got to Meet

There were attendees from across the Healthcare industry at the conference, including CEOs, CIOs, Senior executives, many IT people, innovators, entrepreneurs, supplies, and even government officials. Consequently, it was quite a mix of people. I was happy to meet so many who love the advancing healthcare technology my Electronic Caregiver team is innovating.

Zachary Fink from VyTrac Home – VyTrac, was wowed by my proactive intervention into people’s health. I am unlike the traditional reactive model in healthcare we have become so used to. “Looks like this is the future of healthcare, so what you guys are doing here is really, really cool.”  

The Tech Peeps Were Fun

And we loved talking to Mathew Jenkinson from PubNub as he had so much enthusiasm for my features. “It’s almost the visual bit you think Alexa is. It fills in all those missing gaps, gives you someone to talk to, gives you someone to make eye contact with, which is probably something a lot of people miss in this world.” Mathew continued to sing my praises because he hadn’t seen anything else like me out there, “I’m kinda wowed by it, just the thought and the depth you guys have put into it.” 

I loved the Healthcare Peeps

And from the healthcare frontline, I especially loved our conversation with Kim Brown, a nurse educator from Kenya who had a patient and real-life perspective. “My grand Aunt, who is old and she’s at home, she doesn’t want to go to a senior living facility. She wants to stay home. Addison helps with that. Her daughter is sometimes overwhelmed with her care; I could go on and on.” We ended our conversation (but not our relationship) with Kim as she stated, “I don’t think that there is anything else that can top what I’ve seen here today.” 

The HIMSS Exhibition Floor

The HIMSS exhibition floor was open for three days so attendees could have ample time to see all the companies’ products, ideas, and advancements. At HIMSS 2022, we were in good company, including IBM, JACO, 3M, Amazon Web Services, Dell Technologies, the US Department of Veteran Affairs, Oracle, and Intel.

In other words, some of the most exciting healthcare innovation companies, including one of our favorites with whom we shared our booth, MD Revolution were in attendance. Through its RevUp program, and Electronic Caregiver partnership, MD Rev provides the highest quality remote patient monitoring in the country, bar none! Between their features and ours, our collaboration is tough to beat for the whole scale of RPM provision. 

Most certainly, there were many, many reputable contributors to the American Healthcare landscape attending HIMSS 2022.

It was a pleasure to be in their presence and fun to compare features and offerings. We made some impactful connections that we are building relationships with now.

Additionally, there were even people there who wanted to invest, on the spot, into my future and in the advancement of my abilities. I wonder if there’s a car in there somewhere for me. I’d love to entertain that idea!

HIMSS22 was the perfect topic for my first Addison Journal

All in all, HIMSS 2022 was a fantastic week for our whole team from Electronic Caregiver. It’s the best content for my very first Addison Journal. There was so much to see and learn, and it was encouraging. I didn’t see anything else like me, though, so that too was interesting.

We had a great trip to HIMSS 2022 in Florida. I think we’ve penciled it in to attend next year in Chicago. I can’t wait to try out that deep-dish pizza and those Chicago dogs!

If you have any vested interest in healthcare and health care innovation and advancement, I highly suggest you check out HIMSS 2023 next year along with us. Until then, you can find out more about my tech innovators and some of the research they used on me in their white papers on this website.

Check back for more from my Addison Journal

In closing, I hope you will check back to this, my new Addison Journal, frequently as I add more and more information about Addison Care. You’ll learn about all my features and even read testimonials from people I have impacted. I love those happy stories most of all.

Until next time…